The Washington Times - July 11, 2012, 02:51PM

Wizards coach Randy Wittman is close to finalizing his summer-league squad before the team heads to Las Vegas on Friday. They wrapped up the early session of Day Three of minicamp on Wednesday afternoon, and Wittman said he’s still evaluating players for the final roster.

There were 14 players invited to minicamp, and Wittman stated earlier in the week he would like to take 12 players with him to Vegas. 


When will he make his final decision on the summer-league roster?

“We’ll wait until probably after tonight [Wednesday]. I’ll sit down and talk with everybody, Ernie [Grunfeld] and everybody and see what we’ll do. Tonight’s going to be more of a big scrimmage, playing up and down more than anything else. It’s really the first time we’ll have an extended scrimmage. We’ll get a good look at those guys and make that determination.”

How do you balance guys wanting to show off their individual talents vs. what you’re trying to achieve as a team?

“We’ve talked about that as a team. We’ve brought all these different guys here because of their skills and what they can do. We want to see those things, but I’m also very interested in seeing guys make other players better, playing a team concept and that’s been stressed.”

“There are guys that are going to score and there are guys that are going to set screens. Those guys know who they are and we’ve established in this short amount of time the roles that I expect out of every guy that’s here. That’s part of evaluating these guys to see who follows, who knows what’s expected of them and who doesn’t.”

John Wall was named the Most Outstanding Player two seasons ago. Was that a positive for him?

“I’m not big into the awards thing, especially in the summer time. Now if John wants to become the MVP of the league, then we’ll talk about that.”

Shelvin Mack plays at a different pace than Wall. What are you trying to teach him?

“Just his growth. Like I said at the end of the year, I just basically threw him in with the sharks last year, and he struggled at times. We just want to see what his growth is now. It’s going to be very physical. I want to see how he handles the pressure of bringing the ball up against full court pressure all the time. That’s what teams did to him at the end of the year. I want to see him running the team, making that next move so I don’t have to stand up and orchestrate every call that’s made.

Have you seen Bradley and Shelvin develop any sort of chemistry in these first few days?

“Yeah, they’ve developed a little bit of chemistry so far. You don’t want to lose sight of the fact that this is the time for Bradley and Shelvin and Jan and Chris – guys we have rights to – to shine. We’ve kept them all together and obviously they’ll play a lot together in Vegas.”