The Washington Times - July 11, 2012, 01:14PM

The Wizards completed the morning session of Day Three of a four-day minicamp on Wednesday afternoon at Verizon Center. Rookie shooting guard Bradley Beal took a few moments to talk about what he’s learned in the past couple of days.

“We’ve been polishing up on everything, learning a few new plays, a few new defensive schemes as well. It’s really just all a learning process. I think we’re going to be ready come Friday [when the team heads to Las Vegas].


Defensively, what type of team will the Wizards summer-league squad be?

“I guess really more half-court. He [coach Randy Wittman] makes the point guards pick up on full-court. Other than that, we’re just going to play solid defense and make sure we’re talking and know what we’re doing on certain screen and rolls and things like that. Other than that it’s pretty simple, nothing out of the ordinary.”

How hard are the two-a-days?

“I felt sore. My legs are really killing me. But it’s all just a part of it. If you want to be at this level, that’s what it’s going to take. We all have to put in the time and effort. If coach wants to go two-a-days, we have to to go two-a-days. We can’t complain about it or not show up or anything like that. It’s only going to help us get better, and we have a lot of stuff to learn in a short period of time, so I think these two-a-days will help us.”

Excited to play real games?

“Super excited, honestly, just to get the feel for the game, the speed of it, the pace of it. I haven’t played five-on-five since my last college game.

Advice from John Wall? [Wall was voted Most Outstanding Player during his rookie summer-league season].

“It’s really just trying to help my team. As long as I’m coming out hard and competing and making sure than I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.”

How do the players balance team and individual needs?

“It’s been fine, actually. Everybody has been playing together. Nobody is showing any signs of selfishness. I think it will carry over into summer-league as well. I think we’re all together in one unit. The coach put together a good team because everybody’s character and attitude is encouraging and everybody is playing hard and playing together. I know everybody’s trying to make the team, but I think they can make the team by showing what they’re capable of doing and playing together. If they’re selfish, they’re going to stick out and they won’t look good at all.”

Whose two-a-days are tougher, Randy Wittman’s or [Florida coach] Billy Donovan’s?

“I’d probably say Billy, because Billy makes us run more, but these are pretty tough also, because it’s back-to-back-to-back. You get after it. But it’s kind of hard to choose between the two.

Are you becoming more familiar with Chris [Singleton], Shelvin [Mack] and Jan [Vesely]?

“Most definitely, especially Shelvin, more than any of the other guys. But all three of those guys have really just taken me under their wing so to speak. I really like that, and they’re really just teaching me and just getting to know me, and I think the bond is there already. The chemistry is there as well, so I’m really looking forward to playing with them.”