The Washington Times - March 24, 2012, 12:46PM

Andray Blatche is leaving the Maryland suburbs and becoming a Washington, D.C., resident. Sources close to the Wizards’ power forward told The Washington Times that Blatche is putting his five-bedroom, 7,113 squar- foot home in Bowie, Md., up for sale and is planning to relocate to the District.

“He’s tired of the commuting and wants to be closer to the Verizon Center,” one source stated. “He thinks it will help him become more focused and help with his training if he’s close to Verizon Center.”


Blatche’s residence sits on 1.33 acres and was purchased to be a family home. But now, Blatche feels it’s more important to move to D.C., and wants a place as close to Verizon Center as he can find. Sources confirmed he is looking for a penthouse-style condo.

Blatche’s home is currently being appraised, so the list price has yet to be determined.

In a candid interview on Thursday, Blatche told reporters that he blames himself for the poor season he’s having and agreed with Wizards coach Randy Wittman’s decision to pull him out of the lineup until he improves his conditioning.

Blatche missed five weeks with a strained calf and was unable to do the type of cardio work he would normally do to improve his conditioning. 

The forward said he’d like to return to the team before the end of the season, but neither he nor Wittman would commit to any timetable for that.

But living close to Verizon Center, Blatche believes, will make it easier to keep up with his late-night work out routines. Blatche tweeted a few days ago about working out at 3:32 a.m. 

“I go really hard throughout the day with Joe [Connelly, Wizards’ assistant coach] get something to eat, go home, go to sleep, and that’s when I wake up, like around 11 p.m.,” Blatche said, describing his training schedule.

“That’s when I go to the gym and work out more. That’s what nobody understands why I’m here so late.”