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Wizards Watch Archive: May 2012

  • 76ers force a game seven vs the Celtics

    Sixers take down the Celtics as the series goes to a game seven. Former Sixers All-Star Allen Iverson was in atendance. Published May 24 2012

  • Sixers try to close out first-round series against the Bulls

    Sixers coach Doug Collins spoke with the media following shootaround on Thursday, before his current team plays his former team in what could be a close out game. Listening to Collins is somewhat reminiscent of listening to former Wizards coach Flip Saunders. Published May 10 2012

  • Wizards pearls of wisdom, part 4 of 4

    Coach Randy Wittman may or may not be back with the Wizards next season, but he's not worrying about it. Published May 4 2012

  • Wizards pearls of wisdom, part 3 of 4

    Next, a few words from Kevin Seraphin on getting to play, Trevor Booker on toughness, Chris Singleton being a tough grader, and Andray Blatche on the offseason of his life. Published May 3 2012

  • More pearls of Wizards wisdom, part 2 of 4

    In our second installment, we hear John Wall on what this team needs to move forward, Nene on being needed in D.C., and Jordan Crawford the need for a culture change, and how other players can get better. Published May 2 2012

  • A few pearls of Wizards wisdom, part 1 of 4

    The Wizards leave behind a few pearls of wisdom on exit interview day at Verizon Center. Published May 1 2012