The Washington Times - May 2, 2012, 08:19AM

As the Wizards left Verizon Center after their exit interviews on Friday, they shared some thoughts about the season that just ended, and what needs to happen next. 

John Wall:


“It felt like we had two seasons. how we started and how we made the trades and got everybody into it and finished the season without the same guys we started, and on a better note. Even though some teams didn’t play their best players, we played a lot of good teams and got some big wins.”

“I think I learned how to, like coach told me, do a better job of executing down the stretch and running the plays, getting everybody in the right situations, and basically being the second coach that I need to be on the court, so he don’t have to stand up and yell every play.”

“I think I got better down the stretch of this season, knowing when to go and when to slow it down. It makes a lot easier when you have a post presence and you can punch the ball there and know that you don’t have to run most of your offense through the guards. That makes it a lot easier.”

“I knew it [pressure] was going to come. That’s what happens when you’re supposed to be the franchise guy and star player of the team. If it’s not going right it comes to you. But when things are going good, they put it on your shoulders.”

“[Nene] can do everything. It makes it a lot easier. He’s great. If you’re not doing something the right way, he’s going to let you know. He’s not going to hold back and sugarcoat it. he’s a great professional. He wants to win and that’s what you need on this team.”

“[We need] a veteran or two or three. Somebody that can be knock down shooter and play defense, and maybe even a veteran point guard. Somebody to help me and talk to me the way Kirk Hinrich did at certain times.”


“I’m so happy to be here and be helpful and play my game, affect other players. Give my best and be recognized for everything that I have done. Who doesn’t like to receive a little tap on the shoulder when you do well.”

“When I came here, a lot of things change. Always going to say all the glory goes to my Lord, he’s the reason. I’m very excited about next season. Good things will come.”

“He’s [John Wall’s] great, he’s tremendous. Great potential. The future he is going to be a star. It was like the same way I saw Ty Lawson. They play the same, very fast. Ty Lawson learned how to control his speed and play smart and he worked on his shot. If John does that, he’s going to be unstoppable.”

Jordan Crawford:

“We got a lot of confident players right now, a bunch of guys that’s hungry to improve so I think it ended well. Winning [20 games], that’s the first step. Hopefully we just keep it up.”

[Do I believe it?] “I always believe everything I say. It’s just the way I go about it.”

“Everybody was improving, hanging around with each other more, it was just a good vibe. More than anything, it was more seriousness before the game, how the coach got us prepared and then just everybody was believing, that was the difference, they was believing in themselves. You seen it on and off the court.”

“We want to be fighting for a playoff position, so we gotta be prepared. We need guys that hungry to win, guys that want to change this culture around.”

“I would definitely go play a [summer league] game because that’s how you get better, is to play 5-on-5 with me.”