The Washington Times - May 3, 2012, 10:15AM

Kevin Seraphin had a breakout season, thank to Nene, and more playing time. Trevor Booker would like to see the Wizards earn some respect. Chis Singleton is hard on himself after a tough rookie year, and Andray Blatche talks about a truly disappointing year, and getting his career back on track. Wizards words of wisdom continues. 

Kevin Seraphin


“Before, we really play selfish. Now we play like a team and I think that’s a way we get better.”

“Just go out to get some new players in the draft and everything and I think we will be ready. We just need to get more time.”

“[Before Nene came] We [didn’t] really have discipline. Not every time, but sometime it was laughing and stuff like that. It was not really disciplined to joke around like that.”

“We leave on six wins straight. I will remember that and try to make it good for next year. I think we make a big step. I got some respect of my teammates, my coach and some players in the league, you know. That was great for me. In the beginning I was not really playing. When the season was over I was starting and everything so that was good.”

“Its difficult to play when you don’t have confidence. I’ve been there so I know. That’s difficult. But when you have the confidence everything is different, trust me.”

Trevor Booker

“Everybody knew they could trust Nene. They knew what he was going to bring to the table. With us trusting him, it made our jobs easier.”

[Being aggressive on defense] “We like to bang down there so teams can’t just come in and try and out bang us because we’ll bang it right back. I wanted people to realize that, that we weren’t going to back down from anybody. I know a lot of teams don’t respect us so we have to earn their respect.”

Chris Singleton

“I give myself a D [for this season]. I need to pick up my rebounds, points, shooting consistency, my ball handling, my overall game. Just get better.”

[His wake-up moment] “Probably the first game against the Nets. How we were up so big and then – a snap of the finger –they were in total control without us really even doing anything.”

[Toughest guys to guard] “Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce. They both use their body well and they’re just going to keep attacking every time.”

[The importance of vets] “As a rookie you learn from vets. Nene just brought that leadership and that competitiveness. Every time he stepped out on the court, you knew what you were getting from him. He’s good down there in the post. He’s going to help you on defense. I felt like he held everyone accountable. Our team hasn’t always been the most mature team. Since we got him and we got James (Singleton) and a couple of veterans they bought in, its definitely helped us.”

Andray Blatche

“I definitely had big hopes for the season, but I just have to take this season as just a minor setback. I know how much I have to put into this summer this offseason. I got to try to gain everything back. The only way I can do that is put in the work and let it show.

“I let a lot of minor injuries hurt me and being a selfless player and trying to fight through it, and I knew I couldn’t, just because I wanted to play the game so bad. Then just letting the boos get to me. Just not being mentally strong this season. It’s going to be a big offseason for me, probably the biggest one ever. It’s not just to do with this next season. It’s going to have to do with my whole career. It’s going to be a long summer for me.”

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but whatever is going to happen is going to happen for a reason. If I come back, I’m more than happy to try to fight through this little hole I’m in. If I’m somewhere else and continue to try to get better.”

“It’s going to be tough either way. I’m up to the challenge definitely. I know I’m way better than the player I played this season. In my mind, I got it stuck in my head I can come back next year and be the player that I was before this season.”