The Washington Times - November 14, 2012, 08:09PM

DALLAS — Wizards coach Randy Wittman is anxious to put Tuesday’s loss to the Bobcats behind him and try to get a win against the Mavericks. A few words from the coach at his pregame presser.  

Did you watch the film from the Charlotte game or throw that one out?


We have to learn from games like that. We spent a little bit of time this morning looking at the things we need to do a better job of in terms of offense and moving the ball. The first quarter was a perfect example of that. We probably move the ball as well as we had at any time in that first quarter. That’s why you score the way we did.

That’s got to be a constant throughout both groups and it can’t become a situation where we stop that. You learn from that, you put it away. I’m glad we’re plying tonight. You get right back out there and see what we can do tonight.

 Are they falling into some bad habits you need to break them of?

Yeah, some. There’s no question and it’s evident in the dry runs we have. That’s got to be of importance to them in their mind set. To eliminate that is to make quick decisions and play with confidence. We did miss a lot of shots obviously, shooting 29 percent, but you have to have a mindset on how a game is going. Whether you’re a shooter or not you’re going to have nights where the three-ball isn’t going down and you can’t continue to take it.

15 of our 31 three’s last night had the ability to go inside that arc and take an 18-20 foot shot, knock it down and get yourself feeling good rather than continue to shoot that. We gotta play more inside out. The ball’s got to get inside, we gotta collapse the defense, play off out posts a little bit more when thise things occur.

 What adjustments do you make if any to the rotation?

Listen, we’re at a point where we gotta play guys that are going to do those things and that’s dictated on when they’re out on the floor. If they are then they’ll play. If not then we’ll search for somebody that will go in and do that.

What have you made of your team’s character through some of these tough losses?

We’ve got good character. These guys are good guys. We’ve lost so many dang close games leading up to that. It was evident in the game last night [in Charlotte], you shoot 29 percent and 16 percent from the three and we still in the fourth quarter had a six, seven, eight point game playing that way. Our guys have to realize if we play to our potential good things will happen to this team.

What have you seen from A.J. Price?

Well, this is new territory for him. He was the second, third guard at Indiana last year and now he’s thrust into a situation where he’s a starter and I think A.J. Has progressed in that. I don’t have a complaint with it. He’s an aggressive kid. He just needs to continue to do what he’s doing. He’s getting a better understanding of the offense and the things that we need to do offensively.

What do make of the pressure on rookie Bradley Beal with other guys [Wall and Nene] injured?

He’s a good character kid, he’s got good poise to his game. He’s going through what any rookie does in up and downs and swings of his game. He had a tough night last night but you can’t lose your aggression and you can’t let that affect you as you come out tonight and play tentative. He’s got to continue to be aggressive. We have good faith that this guy’s going to be a pretty good player down the road.

How do you forget about the injuries and focus on getting some wins?

That’s the name of the game. The NBA doesn’t care about injuries. It all comes down to wins and losses. That’s got to be our thought process during this and this team can do it of we do the things w’re capable of doing and do it in the right way. We’ve shown that in the first six games in how we’ve played teams with a shot to win at the buzzer. They’ve got to continue to do that and break through.