The Washington Times - November 7, 2012, 06:08PM

BOSTON — Wizards coach Randy Wittman talked to the media about an hour before tipoff at TD Garden in Boston.  

How will you use Jordan Crawford?


Well, we’ll see. He’s got to go out and warm up. Obviously we’ll see how he feels and where he is from that standpoint. None of those decision are made until I know how he is physically.

How will you use Kevin Seraphin?

It depends on how the game is going. You don’t really dictate that, it’s the flow of the game and how are we playing both individually and as group. That kind of plays itself out as the game goes on.

Is there more pressure on Seraphin to score with Crawford less than 100 percent?

No, this isn’t laid on one guy’s plate. This is another opportunity. If Jordan’s minutes are limited, somebody has an opportunity to step up and we have guys that can do that. This is a collection. Whenever you’re dealing with injuries, so everybody need to make that step and try to do what they can do and not try to do any more than that.

Is is tough to establish a rhythm with games spread apart in the schedule?

Yeah, it’s a little bit different than what we’re used to and what we’ll be seeing coming up now. We’ll start getting into the meat of how the season flows. It is what it is – it’s giving us some time obviously with some injuries and stuff that we don’t have a lot of games spaced in there early. Down the road maybe that’ll be a bonus for us.

Is Nene improving?

Yeah, he’s continuing to progress. Both he and John are going to visit doctors coming up here, get another check and see where they are.

Do you let Bradley Beal play through his early struggles?

Yeah, you’ve got to try and help hi through it as much as you can and instill confidence in him. This game’s got to be played with confidence. It doesn’t matter who you are. That’s the No. 1 thing you try to do with any of your players so they can go out and perform the way they’re capable of performing.

How is he [Beal] responding?

Fine. He’s doing just fine.