Birthdate: Sept. 24, 1951
Birth Place: Paducah, KY, United States
Residence: Benton, KY
Gender: Male



Charles Hatchett was born in the western Kentucky city of Paducah and has lived most of his life in that part of the state. He lives on a small farm.

Hatchett is a real estate broker and auctioneer.


Democrat Charles Hatchett is challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield for Kentucky's 1st Congressional District seat.

Hatchett proposes moving American Mustang wild horses to western Kentucky, saying on his website that creating a national reservation for the animals in western Kentucky would provide jobs.

"Western states' problem can be our future," he says on his campaign website.

Hatchett also supports creating trade agreements that require foreign laborers to be paid the equivalent of the U.S. minimum wage, saying in speeches the change would spur companies to return to the United States.

He also proposes creating 10-member congressional district councils that would oversee affairs of the district, eliminating the practice of representatives living in Washington, D.C.

Source: Associated Press

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