Donald 'Don' A. Manzullo

Birthdate: March 24, 1944
Birth Place: Rockford, IL, United States
Residence: Egan, IL
Religion: Christian
Gender: Male



Don Manzullo was born in Rockford, Ill., and lives in Egan. He earned a bachelor's in political science at American University in 1967 and a law degree at Marquette University. He began practicing law in 1970.

While in college, Manzullo worked for Rep. John Anderson. He was also a reporter for several northern Illinois weekly newspapers.

He was elected to the U.S. House in 1992.

Manzullo and his wife, Freda, have three children.


Don Manzullo lost a close and intense primary battle in March 2012 to fellow Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger. The primary pitting the two Republicans against each other was a result of a new congressional map drawn by Democrats.

Kinzinger decided to run in Manzullo's northern Illinois district instead of against Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who has won each election in his Chicago-area district with an overwhelming majority.

The primary had its ugly moments, with Manzullo accusing Kinzinger of inexperience of being more interested in his national profile than the district's constituents.

"The people I represent don't want to see me on TV flapping my mouth, yelling and screaming about somebody else. They want to see me back here with my shirt sleeves up, working on some local projects that ends up creating jobs," Manzullo said. "I'm very meat and potatoes."

Manzullo opposed the 2010 health care reform bill backed by President Barack Obama, calling it a "job-killing disaster that will slap Americans with massive tax increases." He contended that most of the benefits don't take effect until 2014 and supported alternatives to hurry that pace.

He also opposed Obama's 2009 economic stimulus plan.

Manzullo speaks out strongly against changes to U.S. patent laws that he argues would weaken the patent system and make American companies vulnerable to foreign companies stealing their ideas.

Much of Manzullo's congressional career has focused on expanding opportunities for trade, keeping manufacturing jobs in the United States and dealing with the economic behemoth of China.

He has been a supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement and bolstering the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and he fought a proposal to reduce the percentage of U.S. content in goods labeled "Made in the U.S.A."

He has argued that Chinese officials need to give U.S. manufacturers a level playing field for trade, a key stance in a district that has seen heavy job losses as part of an overall decline in the Rust Belt.

He has served as chairman of the Small Business Committee and has served on the Financial Services and Foreign Affairs committees. He is the senior Republican on a subcommittee focusing on human rights issues.

Manzullo is also involved in a manufacturing-oriented caucus of congressmen and has worked on the issue with Democratic Rep. Phil Hare.

Manzullo has a long history as an active Republican, helping to organize his campus Young Republicans group and working as a volunteer in numerous political campaigns. He and his wife are anti-abortion and founded the Northern Illinois Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Source: Associated Press

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