Birthdate: Aug. 17, 1955
Birth Place: Circleville, OH, United States
Residence: Savannah, GA
Religion: Judaism
Gender: Female



Lesli Messinger was born in Circleville, Ohio, and currently resides in Savannah, Ga.

Messinger is an owner of Wright Square Antiques in downtown Savannah. She also owns businesses in Ohio and southern New Jersey.

She earned a certificate as a drug abuse counselor after her 24-year-old son died from a prescription drug overdose.

Her son's death prompted Messinger to lobby Congress to increase funding for drug abuse prevention programs in schools.

Messinger and her husband, Nathan, have five children.


Lesli Messinger received 54 percent of the vote in the July 2012 Democratic primary and will face U.S. Rep. Jackson Kingston in the November election for Georgia's 1st Congressional District seat.

The 2012 congressional election is Messinger's first campaign for public office.

Messinger is campaigning on a message that Democrats need to take back control of Congress to break the partisan gridlock that's allowed the GOP-controlled House to block much of President Barack Obama's agenda.

Messinger has promised to increase funding for Veterans' Administration hospitals and for programs that reduce homelessness among veterans. The 1st District has four military bases within its boundaries.

Source: Associated Press

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