Democrat Marc Allison Veasey

Marc Allison Veasey

Birthdate: Jan. 3, 1971
Birth Place: Fort Worth, TX, United States
Residence: Fort Worth, TX
Religion: Baptist
Gender: Male


Party: Democratic
State: Texas
Office: House
District: District 33


Undergraduate: Texas Wesleyan University

Degree: BA

Marc Veasey was born, raised and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He received a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Texas Wesleyan University.

Veasey works in real estate and was elected to the Texas House to represent Fort Worth in November 2004.

Following a nasty legislative fight over new redistricting maps drawn based on the 2010 census, Veasey filed in early 2012 to run for Congress as a Democrat in the newly created 33rd District.

He and his wife, Tonya, have one son.


Marc Veasey began his political career as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Martin Frost of Dallas and has been a Democratic member of the Texas House representing Fort Worth since 2005. He served on the Elections; Pensions, Investments and Financial Services; and Redistricting committees, and was an outspoken critic of 2012 redistricting maps drawn by the Republican-dominated Legislature. Texas Democrats said the new maps discriminated against blacks and Hispanics.

Veasey was one of 11 Democrats to seek the party's nomination in Texas' May 2012 primary to represent the newly created 33rd Congressional District, which fans across Dallas and Fort Worth and is nearly two-thirds Hispanic. The district is one of four new U.S. House seats awarded to Texas due to the state's booming population that was almost entirely driven by Hispanic growth.

Veasey advanced to a runoff against Domingo Garcia, a former state lawmaker and Dallas City Council member, and squeezed out a victory in the July 2012 runoff _ denying Garcia the chance at becoming the first Hispanic from Dallas to be elected to Congress. The runoff had turned nasty when Garcia sent an e-mail to Veasey accusing him of taking illegal campaign contributions and said: "He is the establishment's paid errand boy." Dallas Democratic state Rep. Ralph Anchia then stepped in to say that calling an African-American an "errand boy" crossed a line.

He favors increased funding for education, including funding for early childhood education and expanded access to Pell grants. Veasey favors comprehensive immigration reform and supports the DREAM Act.

Source: Associated Press

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