Republican Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford

Birthdate: Jan. 22, 1966
Birth Place: Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL, United States
Residence: Jonesboro, AR
Religion: Southern Baptist
First Elected: 2010
Gender: Male


Party: Republican
State: Arkansas
Office: House
District: District 1


Undergraduate: Arkansas State University

Degree: BA

Rick Crawford was born at Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida, where his father served. He lived in several states growing up and now resides in Jonesboro, Ark.

Crawford spent four years in the Army after he graduated from high school, serving as a bomb disposal technician and reaching the rank of sergeant.

He is a former news anchor and agricultural reporter. In 2006, he started the AgWatch Network, a farm news network heard on 39 radio stations in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky and on TV stations in Little Rock and Jonesboro.

In 2011, he sold Farmhouse Media LLC to Halsey Outdoor Advertising and will receive more than $300,000 over 10 years for the deal.

Crawford and his wife, Stacy, have two children.


Rick Crawford became the first Republican elected to east Arkansas' 1st Congressional District since the 1870's when he won the seat in 2010. He ran on many of the same themes that other tea party conservatives campaigned on, including a vow to oppose tax increases and to repeal the 2010 health care reform law.

Crawford is now taking a more moderate tone in 2012 as he runs for a second term. He's softened his criticism of the health care reform law and has said there are some parts of it he'd like to keep in place. He angered conservatives in early 2012 by proposing a higher tax on millionaires in exchange for passage of a balanced budget amendment.

He has said he is open to allowing some earmarks for projects to help his district, breaking from a pledge he made to not support any pork barrel spending.

Crawford said he has not broken any of his promises from his 2010 run. He notes that he has voted repeatedly for the health care reform law's repeal and that he hasn't broken any pledges since he hasn't voted to raise taxes or in favor of any earmarks.

Crawford has also touted his work on agricultural issues important to his farm-heavy district. He sits on the Agriculture Committee and hosted a field hearing in Jonesboro as the panel worked on its draft of the farm bill.

Crawford won the May 2012 primary without any opposition and faces Democratic nominee Scott Ellington in the November general election.

Source: Associated Press

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