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“We want them to play deep, we want them to read,” he said. “We just don’t want them challenging right out of the gate.

“I don’t want them playing [in their nets] like [Rangers goalie] Henrik Lundqvist. That’s a skill set Henrik has that not a lot of other guys in the league have and that’s because he’s got an exceptional set of eyes and he’s one of the most intelligent players in the game.”

Kolzig said he believes the growing pains Holtby, Neuvirth and Grubauer are enduring now will pay off as the season unfolds and is hoping there is enough patience around him to see it through.

“You can’t bombard them with all this information and expect them to have instant success,” Kolzig said. “As a goalie the last thing you want to do in a game is think. You want it to be automatic and react to the play.”

Holtby said he’s getting closer to that point, despite Tuesday night’s result.

“It’s coming,” he said. “It’s harder to create the subconscious to do them naturally if you don’t do them a whole bunch in games or practices. Those things will take a little more time, but most of the in-zone stuff is second nature already.”