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Rebecca Hagelin and her daughter, Kristin Carey.

Family meals nourish body, spirit and relationships

The “center” of a home — the place with the most traffic — tends to be wherever food is found, which makes the kitchen or, more specifically, the table, the most important spot in every home. It’s important for a simple reason: Everyone needs to eat. But its significance reaches far beyond the filling of stomachs. The table has the potential to be the place where schedules line up, where work and entertainment get put aside in favor of the conversation that nourishes relationships.

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FILE - In this Oct. 16, 2013 file photo, trucks run past Teva Pharmaceutical Logistic Center in the town of Shoam, Israel. On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Teva has offered to buy Mylan for about $40.1 billion in cash and stock in a deal that would create a powerhouse of generic drug development.  (AP Photo/Dan Balilty, File)

Teva offers to buy Mylan in $40.1B cash-and-stock deal

- Associated Press

Generic drug giant Teva formally offered to buy fellow drugmaker Mylan for about $40.1 billion in cash and stock on Tuesday, despite Mylan's cold shoulder and the certainty the proposed acquisition will bring intense scrutiny by antitrust regulators.

Louisiana moves ahead with abortion regulation rewrite

- Associated Press

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has rewritten the state's abortion clinic regulations, a move that abortion-rights supporters say was unnecessary and intended to hinder the operation of clinics.

Arizonans want closer spot to watch federal checkpoints

- Associated Press

Residents of a small southern Arizona town who have spent the past year protesting a Border Patrol checkpoint 20 miles north of Mexico say they should be able to monitor agents from a much closer position than they can now.

Restrictions for Tennessee's 7 abortion clinics head to gov.

- Associated Press

Legislation that would place licensing restrictions on all seven of Tennessee's abortion clinics was overwhelmingly approved by state lawmakers Tuesday and sent to the governor, who's expected to sign them into law.