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Jack Bruce, bassist of 60’s band Cream, dies at 71

- Associated Press

British musician Jack Bruce, best known as the bass player and vocalist of the power blues trio Cream, died Saturday at his home, his family and publicist said. He was 71.

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3 states issue stronger Ebola quarantine

Associated Press

New Jersey, New York and Illinois have issued a mandatory quarantine for travelers who have had contact with Ebola-infected patients in West Africa.

Cattle in Weld benefit from healthier pastures

- Associated Press

Budding plant growth across northeastern Colorado's Pawnee National Grassland serves as visual evidence of recovery and relief brought by greater rainfall this year.

ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY OCT 24, 2014 AND THEREAFTER - FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2014 file photo, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and his lieutenant governor running mate Paul Vallas, right, speak with family members of gun violence victims, after a news conference in Chicago. Quinn and Vallas are running against Illinois Republican Bruce Rauner, and his running mate, Evelyn Sanguinetti. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green,File)

Lieutenant governor picks hope to help lead

- Associated Press

Both major-party candidates for lieutenant governor like the fact that 2014 marks the first Illinois election where the tickets ran as a team in the primary.

Journey into the home and mind of Ernest Gaines

- Associated Press

Along the False River near New Roads, northwest of Baton Rouge, the sun beats down on blue water and sugarcane fields surrounding a house in a hamlet called Oscar.

Northampton author's novel tells of '80s Nicaragua

- Associated Press

When two American journalists were beheaded in the last several weeks by Islamic State militants, Joe Gannon was saddened and horrified. But in another sense, he wasn't that surprised, knowing full well the dangers that foreign correspondents can face in a war zone.

Anderson woman finds long-hidden art talent

- Associated Press

When Dana Evans was a teen, she would lay out on the lawn of her parents' front yard and spend hours sketching their red-brick, ranch-style home.

DJ nears 50 years of spinning Jewish platters

- Associated Press

He isn't a turbocharged, larger-than-life character, like Jerry Blavat. Nor is he a benign presence still embracing the peace-and-love ethos of the 1960s, like Pierre Robert. Or an agent provocateur, nonchalantly hurling verbal Molotov cocktails, on the order of Angelo Cataldi or Howard Eskin.

In this Oct. 15, 2014 photo Matthew Johnfroe, 5, draws a picture in his home in Lenoir, N.C.  Last year his family learned that Matthew suffers from type 4 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disorder that makes the tissues in his small body thin, meaning even a small scrape requires two or more adhesive bandages. A fall or bump could rupture anything in Matthew's body, such as his arteries or any of his organs, said his mother, Stachia Hagaman.  (AP Photo/The News-Topic, Lex Menz)

5-year-old NC boy avoids bumps due to illness

- Associated Press

Matthew Johnfroe, 5, sat in the living room floor with a blue marker scribbling away at a piece of paper. He drew two curlicues meant to be wheels, a box with the number 16 on it, and a figure with a circle for a torso and squares for arms and legs walking out of the box.

Boise tech mentor shows others the way

- Associated Press

Faisal Shah's recent meeting with four of his newest business partners was different in a few ways from the thousands of other business sit-downs he's shared over the years.

ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY OCT 26 AND THEREAFTER - In this photo taken on Aug. 27, 2014,  Bryan George is surrounded by grapes in his vineyard in Spencer, W.Va. (AP Photo/Charleston Gazette, Kenny Kemp)

Wine trails forming in West Virginia

- Associated Press

It can be pretty challenging to get a room full of adults of all ages and from all walks of life to agree on much of anything. But getting them to agree enthusiastically is the stuff of which dreams are fulfilled.

Korean food: Chicago, Mississippi, New Orleans

- Associated Press

Sophie Lee says a plan has guided her life - it just wasn't one that Lee, now manager and co-owner of Three Muses and the new Korean restaurant Seoul Shack, could always recognize.