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Armstrong Williams

The ‘RIght Side Forum’ with Armstrong WIlliams to address the rebuilding of Baltimore

- The Washington Times

The “Right Side Forum,” an hour-long conservative live news and talk show hosted by columnist Armstrong Williams, will look at “Rebuilding and Business: The challenges business leaders face in ‘blighted’ communities” along with lingering local outrage over a number of distressing events. Mr. William’s guests are Edwin Avent, Baltimore-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Black Professional Men, Inc.; J. Wyndal Gordon, Baltimore’s “Warrior Lawyer” and K. Marques Mullings, executive vice-president, Howard Stirk Holdings.

This photo released by Disney shows, Thomas Robinson, as young Frank Walker, in a scene from Disney's "Tomorrowland." (Film Frame/Disney via AP)

‘Tomorrowland’ too grounded in the present

There are moments of sheer cinematic wonder scattered throughout “Tomorrowland,” bursts of action and invention so wonderful that they tend to provoke a kind of giddy euphoria — epic futuristic vistas filled with flying whatsits and hovering thingamajigs, gleaming glass towers webbed together by impossibly spiraling infrastructure.

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