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(Pull That Cork)

Windrun, Santa Margherita offer wines to serve at Thanksgiving

- The Washington Times

The holidays call for drinking, but then what doesn’t these days. Many vintners are unearthing special holiday-related deals that will help lubricate family gatherings as 2016 winds down — and thus help those verboten discussions about politics and religion, if not go smoother, at least hopefully be sooner forgotten.

A squiggle is applied to each chocolate-covered caramel Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, at Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque, Iowa. (Jessica Reilly/Telegraph Herald via AP)

John Kelly Chocolates offers great holiday gift candies

- The Washington Times

Is there any better way to spread holiday love and joy than with chocolate? We didn’t think so either. Hollywood chocolatier John Kelly Chocolates is offering up boxes of sweetness for those who would rather give something to their sweetheart that can’t be bought at CVS on Christmas Eve. What John Kelly offers is gourmet delectables in their “Signature Boxes” and “Gift Towers” for a veritable grab bag of chocolate truffles and candies.

Holiday-themed chocolates are customizable from  (Shana Elson)

District native offers customers customizable Christmas and Hanukkah treats

- The Washington Times

D.C. native Shana Elson is taking customizable candies to the next level with her business, Top This Chocolate out of Santa Monica, California, a boutique customizer of all manner of chocolate treats. “Before Top This Chocolate, the only chocolate that was available was whatever came off the factory floor,” Ms. Elson said. “If you liked almonds, you were in luck, but if you preferred pistachios with cranberries, there was nowhere to turn.”

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