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Devils Backbone names new beers in philanthropy series

- The Washington Times

Craft brewer Devils Backbone, based in Roseland, Virginia, announced their Heartland Initiative and Heartland Series, a new program the brewer is fostering in order to support philanthropy, partnerships and sustainability efforts.

The interior of Blackwall Hitch.  (Blackwall Hitch)

On the waterfront: Alexandria’s Blackwall Hitch unveils ‘Beauty’ oyster

- The Washington Times

Alexandria, Virginia’s waterfront has benefited from a riverside restaurant renaissance, and one of the crown jewels in that rejuvenation is Blackwall Hitch, an oyster and seafood boutique on the docks that has gone one step further in the oyster game with the recent addition to its offerings of the Blackwall Beauty oyster.

Dessert course at District restaurant The Palm.  (Eric Althoff/The Washington Times)

D.C.’s The Palm offers a prime spot for a capital ‘power lunch’

- The Washington Times

The Palm may be D.C.’s most iconic spot for a power lunch. Since 1926 politicians, power-brokers change-makers, journalists, the elite, the locals and the intrepid visitors intent on finding the cuisine for which the capital has become lauded have come to this singular Italian spot in Northwest to break bread and enjoy recipes that Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi brought over from the Old Country.


Bourbon: It’s not just from the South anymore

- The Washington Times

While, yes, Bourbon County, Kentucky, is the birthplace of America’s favorite whiskey, the “rules” dictate that bourbon can be made anywhere, so long as it is 51 percent corn and distilled in virgin charred oak barrels (typically of white oak). Not far from New York City, Hudson Whiskey — named for the Dutch explorer who lent his name to the river separating Gotham from New Jersey — has been getting in on the action, with both a Yankee take on traditional bourbon as well as a rye whiskey.

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(Bethesda Magazine)

To your health: World of Beer unveils new menu options

- The Washington Times

As the food and drinks menu of the World of Beer have gone so far beyond the hoppy entries as to be, in fact, a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the franchise, which began in Tampa, Florida, in 2007 as a beer lover's emporium.

The Delmonico steak (foreground) offered as a spring special at Longhorn Steakhouse.  (Eric Althoff/The Washington Times)

District outposts of Longhorn Steakhouse unveil spring specials

- The Washington Times

Just in time for spring -- even though, with the snow this week, it's somewhat delayed -- Longhorn Steakhouse is unveiling some new menu items at its various locations around the DMV. Get ready for limited-time offerings such as the 14 oz. Delmonico steak, as well as Grilled Lamb Chops, Seasoned Steakhouse Wings and Strawberries & Cream Shortcake.

What's in your freezer?

What's in your freezer?

Generally speaking, healthier eating is made a lot easier when we have good options readily available. Last week, we spotlighted what essentials should be in our refrigerator. This week, we will discuss our freezers and next week we'll take a look at the pantry.

FILE - In this June 16, 2016, file photo, bottles of wine are displayed during a tour of a state liquor store, in Salt Lake City. Cheap liquor, wine and beer have long been best-sellers among Utah alcohol drinkers, but new numbers from Utah's tightly-controlled liquor system show local craft brews, trendy box wines and flavored whiskies are also popular choices in a largely teetotaler state. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

'Tis the season for wines -- but it usually is anyway

- The Washington Times

Remember, we've all got to get through the holiday somehow. And as with every other time of the year, alcohol invariably makes it, if not all better, certainly more tolerable. For amateur oenophiles and serious wine drinkers alike, here are some bottles to keep your eyes open for as the holidays transition us into 2017.