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Google embraces ‘mobile-friendly’ sites in search shake-up

- Associated Press

Google is about to change the way its influential search engine recommends websites on smartphones and tablets in a shift that’s expected to sway where millions of people shop, eat and find information.

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U of Illinois graduate gives $12 million for center

Associated Press

A University of Illinois graduate who is CEO of a Taiwan-based technology company has given the university $12 million to pay for an addition to the school's Mechanical Engineering Building.

Student aircraft designs put to test at Ohio college

Associated Press

The Wright Brothers had to go from Dayton to North Carolina to see if their airplane design worked more than a century ago. Students developing their own designs now can find out through the flight simulation lab on a southwest Ohio college campus.

Tunnel vision: Engineering marvel faces high-speed traffic

- Associated Press

To begin with, the road was unlike anything most drivers had ever encountered in the United States: Four lanes of superhighway cutting from just west of Harrisburg to just east of Pittsburgh - straight, level and true. A road that for the first time in Pennsylvania history would bend the earth to its needs rather than the other way around, cutting travel time between the two cities by more than six hours.

GPS tracked movements of Los Angeles mountain lion

Associated Press

Tracking data revealed that a mountain lion that triggered a ruckus when it was discovered under a Los Angeles home had only been there a short time, and it quickly returned to an urban wilderness after being left alone, the National Park Service said Friday.

Exec tells McCrory IBM opposes NC 'religious freedom' bill

- Associated Press

Technology giant IBM's top North Carolina executive has told state lawmakers and Gov. Pat McCrory that the corporation strongly opposes proposed legislation supporters say protects religious convictions and opponents worry allows discrimination against gays and lesbians.