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Sunday, December 4, 2016

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  1. Michelle Herren, anesthesiologist, loses job after offensive Facebook post about Michelle Obama
  2. Bowe Bergdahl asks President Obama for pardon to avoid being tried under Trump: Report
  3. Donald Trump's candidate for Homeland Security, Michael McCaul, riles border hawks
  4. Border Patrol complains of administering to needs families and children
  5. Obama's party and its bitter reckoning
  6. University of Toronto historian: Biological sex a 'very popular misconception'
  7. Mike Rowe slams flag burners: 'No country on the planet affords its citizens more liberty'
  8. Feds halt new citizenship approvals after spotting hole in background checks
  9. Luis Gutierrez, Democratic congressman, to protest at Trump's inauguration
  10. Dakota Access protesters accused of destroying environment in order to save it

Inside Politics Blog

  • Donald Trump talks 100-day plan with David Perdue; senator says, ‘I’m very optimistic’

  • House pushes ahead with $611 billion defense policy bill

  • Paul Ryan: ‘We want to reset the balance of power’

  • Donald Trump reports ‘good chemistry’ with Obama, Romney

  • Donald Trump calls for unity during thank you tour
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