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Newsroom Internship Program: Testimonials

Julia Neyman (2005), lawyer, Huffington Post blogger and former reporter for the South Florida Business Journal and the Miami Herald

"I really enjoyed the creative freedom I got at The Washington Times. I mostly wrote for the entertainment section and was pleasantly surprised by how well the editors responded to my pitches, and how much input I had in what I wrote about and how. The Times' flexibility let me explore areas I was interested in but had never written about before (for example, music reviews)."


Whitney Stewart (2008), law student and associate client partner at The M Group Creative

"My summer internship at the business desk of The Washington Times was one of the most formative experiences of my college years. The editorial staff treated me as an integral part of the editorial team. My editors gave me a full load of reporting and writing and worked one-on-one to improve my storytelling craft. The internship gave me the skills I needed to secure employment in journalism after college. Even as a law student now, I will forever rely on my journalistic foundations rooted in my internship at The Washington Times."


Nathan Bomey (2006), business editor and reporter

"As a Metro reporting intern for The Washington Times in summer 2006, I had the opportunity to work with some of the best reporters in Washington. We collaborated on coverage of major stories affecting the community and the nation. It was an opportunity for me to experience one of the most competitive media markets in the country, broaden my reporting skills and adapt to the demands of a digital newsroom.

"When I started my internship, I already had five years of reporting experience at community newspapers. But this experience prepared me to step into a hyper-competitive environment where credibility and speed are expected. Five years later, I still consider my TWT internship a key part of my journalistic training."


Jon Ward (2001), senior political reporter at HuffPost Politics

"I walked into The Washington Times in the fall of 2001 with a literature background and a hunger to learn newspaper journalism, but almost no training or experience. I learned the trade the right way: They threw me out on the street armed with a pen, a notepad and a press release and said, 'Go report on this.' At the end of two days I came back and the veteran newspaper men and women on the Metro desk began the process of teaching me how to write a news story. There's no way to put a price on the value of my education at The Times. It was real-world, real-career experience. I learned how to find the story, get the facts right, and write it fairly. I'll never forget it."


Benjamin Newell (2008), public affairs specialist for Air Force Air Combat Command

"So happy to hear the paper is giving folks the chance to break into the business. Having bylines from major metro publications like TWT and The Washington Examiner on my resume garnered a lot of recognition during the slew of interviews, panels and decision boards I went through to land my current job.

"I'll never forget the summer I worked Joe Weber's Metro desk. There was a crime wave in the Trinidad and Capitol Hill areas, which forced MPDC to barricade roads and only allow residents through. I spent a good deal of that July and August beating the pavement, sweating, and being so out of place that groups of people gawked at me a few times. This was in what was then the highest concentration of assaults and homicides in the nation. Something like nine deaths in three weeks.

"On one of my trips, I met a father drilling wrought iron bars into his daughters' window. 'It all comes down to jobs. I don't hate these kids, or what they do, I just hate the fact that we're so hopeless that this is where we're at. We need help, investment, a reason to stay busy so this stops happening.'

"I realize I've gone on a little long here, but you can probably see where I'm going with this. TWT, even if I didn't then and still don't agree with its politics, helped expose me to the city I live in and the people who have called it home for generations in a way I never would have seen on my own."


Jordan Buie (2009), reporter for The Jackson Sun, Jackson, Tenn.

"When I interviewed for my first job after I graduated from college, the first thing the editor asked me about was my internship at The Washington Times. I explained how I wrote stories on deadline every day and how my editors critiqued my work daily, rather than leaving me to fend for myself. After I was hired, my editor said that it was my internship at The Times that helped me land the job. He said he liked that I was writing and not filing papers or making coffee and that he does not even look at people who do not have experience in the field."


Kristina Stefanova (1999), media manager at Global Carbon Capture Storage Institute

"I interned on the Foreign desk at The Washington Times after finishing a journalism degree, and could not have been luckier with the experience. Being a young reporter in Washington is an amazing experience, and at The Washington Times I had freedom to cover interesting stories and the good luck to have experienced, patient editors. I stayed on for three years after my internship and like to think there would have been no better way to start my career."


Kristi Blasky (2009), reporter at Las Vegas Review-Journal

"The Washington Times offers interns real-world experience that is recognized by others throughout the industry and provides young reporters with clips applicable to readership outside of the Beltway — something other D.C.-based publications tend to forget about. My internship at TWT (working on both the National and Metro desks) helped launch my journalism career in Las Vegas once my editors saw I could handle the pressure of tight deadlines while writing fair and accurately. The fast-paced program allows those beginning in journalism a chance to work in the newsroom alongside true professionals with extensive knowledge about the industry. At TWT, you're not just another intern. You're a reporter."


Michelle Bollman (2009), online marketing specialist at Happy Brain Media

"Looking back on my internship at The Washington Times, it expanded my horizons in ways that are still prevalent years later. My time in D.C. and at TWT are still my most-talked-about experiences in job interviews and in the workplace and the relationships that I formed with the professionals at TWT are something that I'll always cherish.

"In all reality the job market is a tough place, and after I graduated a year and a half ago, my experience at the TWT was on the top of my resume — and it got me some callbacks and interviews for positions I wouldn't otherwise be considered for."


Gary Emerling (2004), digital news writer at WTOP Radio

"Interning at The Times gave me the boots-on-the-ground experience that taught me how to be a good reporter, and working one-on-one with the paper's skilled editors helped hone my skills as a writer. I covered everything from crime, schools and a subway crash as an intern, and learned immensely from my successes and failures along the way. My internship at The Times was invaluable and one I'll never forget."


Amy Doolittle Bushatz (2004), freelance journalist

"Choosing an internship at The Washington Times was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. I did not pour a single cup of coffee or make any photocopies during my internship. Unlike leaders at other publications, TWT's editors gave me the opportunity to follow real news and write actual stories, including at least one for the paper's front page. The news experience I gained there was an irreplaceable launching point for my journalism career."


Tim Devaney (2009), economics reporter for The Washington Times

"My internship at The Washington Times gave me a taste for Washington reporting. I liked it so much — and I developed good enough contacts there — that I was able to come back two years later after I graduated for a full-time job."


Cristin Kellogg (2000), organizational development specialist for the Health Resources and Services Administration

"Being a part of The Washington Times internship program is to this day one of my richest professional experiences. During my time there, I was surrounded by staff members who loved their jobs and took it upon themselves to invest in student writers, consequently giving a voice to future generations of journalists. I wrote about everything from Hill happenings to homelessness and was always encouraged to pitch a story idea or try a different angle. Whether you want to write for a living or apply these skills to another career — this program will develop you both personally and professionally."


Jessica Lipowski (2008), business development specialist at Azavista in Amsterdam, Denmark

"It is impossible to briefly describe my two summer internships at The Washington Times. At the paper, I grew both professionally and personally. Not only did I help select photographs and layout the news section pages, I wrote breaking news articles and features stories. I even experimented with photography and dug into video editing. I was permitted to learn the full operation of a major metro daily newspaper. I eagerly jumped in with both feet.

"I developed deep relationships, many of which I still keep in contact, and increased my self-motivation. The tasks before me were challenging at times, but having a story published on a section front was gratifying, designing the front page made me feel accomplished, and producing a multimedia broadcast made me feel like the years at MSU paid off. I learned skills that would further my career in addition to showing me how to have fun at work. I would recommend TWT to anyone. TWT was like a home to me."


Keyonna Summers (2005), city government reporter at St. Petersburg Times

"I credit my TWT internship with jump-starting my career. Those eight weeks took me to exciting places — from the Pentagon and White House to the nitty gritty of D.C.'s toughest neighborhoods to the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. By the end, I had the portfolio of solid clips I needed to land my first job (at TWT), as well as a good foundation of skills that I've carried with me throughout my journalism career."


Matthew Cella (2000), Metro Desk editor at The Washington Times

"When I was in journalism school, I knew there was only so much they could teach me in a classroom. To learn the operations, the workload and the rhythm of a newsroom, you have to be there. That's the experience you get as an intern — and the opportunity. You learn and you prove yourself. After my internship at The Washington Times ended, I was hired. Eleven years later, I'm the Metro editor. And for the talented interns who work on this desk, it's been my pleasure to teach them, to support them and to recommend them for the jobs they pursue as they move forward in their careers."


Lauren Whetzel (2009), health reporter at The York Dispatch

"Tornadoes, an earthquake and historic flooding across York County, Pennsylvania, are major events that have recently occurred in the southern Pennsylvanian county of nearly 500,000 residents. The torrential rains and floods from Tropical Storm Lee left dozens of York County residents homeless and one dead. During a time of chaos, the York community relied on local media, like The York Dispatch, to know what was going on in their communities and how to seek state or federal disaster aid.

"But without my internship experience at The Washington Times, I would've never been prepared to step into my reporter position with The York Dispatch with full confidence in my writing abilities fresh out of college. While other peers of mine completed "internships" with other organizations that consisted of filing paperwork, compiling minor research and making phone calls, my internship experience was everything but laid back.

"On my first day of The Times' Business desk, my editor told me to pitch enterprise story ideas and had me working on one of them that day. I can honestly say I was treated like staff reporter each day of my internship. Throughout my internship experience, I had several stories run on A1, some were even picked up from media outlets across the world.

"My hard news and enterprises clips from The Washington Times certainly played a huge role in me landing a full-time reporting job after I graduated from college in May 2010. I recommend The Times' internship to any college reporter who wants to experience a fast-paced city with news generating by the second. Besides, there's only so much experience a young reporter can gain by writing for a college newspaper or sitting through journalism courses."


Andrea Tomer (2009), studying for a master's degree in social work at Asbury University

"My internship at The Washington Times has been by far one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my journalistic career. At The Washington Times I was able to gain valuable experience as a writing professional that could not be rivaled elsewhere. Since completing my internship there, numerous doors have opened due to the real-world experience I gained as a Washington Times reporter. I entered the newsroom as an intern and walked away as a bona fide reporter with an impressive writing portfolio. The time I spent there will always be treasured."


Natalie Lester (2009), shopper news reporter at the E.W. Scripps Co.

"The months I spent as an intern at The Washington Times taught me about reporting and writing. I had the opportunity to improve my skill set in the most exciting town in the nation. The experience with the editors and reporters gave me real newsroom experience, which was crucial to my success after graduation. More important than the professional experience I gained, however, was the life experience. Without those instrumental months, I never would have taken an interest in political issues and the corporate community as I have. Because of TWT, I am an effective communicator, informed voter and a more educated citizen."


Charlie Mars-Mahlau (2009), photojournalist in Boston

"TWT gave me a rare chance to see and do things that might not have been possible in Ohio. It was not dull. In 2009, this included the newspaper's coverage of Inauguration, as well as 'We Are One' concerts on the National Mall. As a photographer, my internship often involved shooting local stories and community events. I was lucky to have had a group of editors that just 'got it.' They brought a human element to their jobs every day. It is not enough, after all, to be simply 'talented,' 'bright,' or deadly good with technology. It was this day-to-day aspect of shooting for a major paper, and the communication between editors and interns that I think made the experience so worthwhile."


Michelle Phillips (2010), CNN production intern in Beijing

"My internship at The Washington Times was probably one of the most defining times of my life. It was one of the few internships where I could contribute as if I were full-time. The editors expected a lot from me and set the bar really high, and it pushed me to do more than I ever thought I could. I got to see every aspect of journalism — from multimedia to doing interviews to meticulous proofreading of stories — and moreover, I had a blast doing it. I still have great friendships with the editors and other interns from that time, and it's something I think everyone interested in journalism should take advantage of."


Michelle Hagopian (2011), graduate student and contributing writer at The Armenian Weekly

"My experience at The Washington Times was a memorable one. Not only did I get to live in Washington for the first time, I learned a great deal about journalism in The Times newsroom. As a Copy Desk intern, I was able to read copy about anything and everything, from the goings-on in China to video game reviews. Being exposed to such a broad range of topics has bolstered my knowledge as both a journalist and a news consumer. The Times has a friendly and welcoming environment, and I learned something from every person I worked with. My internship is more than just an impressive notch on my resume — it's given me real-world experience that will last a lifetime."


Michael Hunsberger (2006), consultant at InfoReliance

"As an intern on the Metro Desk at The Washington Times, I was able to take skills acquired in a classroom and apply them to real-life writing and reporting assignments. From day one, I was given challenging reporting and editing responsibilities along with the other reporters. Working with dedicated people who were willing to share their hard-earned knowledge was the most rewarding aspect of my internship. I would definitely recommend a TWT internship to anyone looking to build great relationships and an amazing portfolio."


Andrea Benda (2007), public affairs/marketing specialist at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

"As an intern at The Washington Times, I received hands-on reporting and copy editing experience. Although my career has taken me away from newspaper journalism, I continue to benefit from the many skills I acquired during my internship, such as building relationships with sources, meeting tight deadlines and writing concise, compelling headlines and articles."


Gordon Van Owen (2007), literacy teacher in New York City

"My experience at TWT not only gave me the skills and and experience I needed to continue to expand my journalistic and writing ambitions, but it also gave me the guidance and support for a professional staff that helped guide me through my career even after my internship ended. Interns will be asked to cover a variety of stories that will not only make great clips but expand their professional horizons and craft."


Jasmin Fischer (1999), UK correspondent for WAZ Media Group in Germany

"I had an absolutely fantastic time during my summer internship with the Foreign Desk and would recommend applying to any young journalist who is willing to learn the ropes in a fast-paced, yet smart and friendly team of truly accomplished journalists.

"From the first day on, I was treated like a regular staff member. Colleagues took me along to newsroom panel discussion with foreign ministers, generously shared their story ideas and were open to my input. There was plenty of freedom to develop my own stories, set up interviews, or research more complicated issues. At the same time, guidance was always given when needed. All of my stories were carefully edited until perfect.

"At The Washington Times, there's a genuine interest for interns to do really well. By the time my internship was finished, I left with many more clips than I'd ever expected — including a front page story with my byline. Now, years later, I work as a full-time staff correspondent myself and have come to appreciate the Foreign Desk's calm attitude and unwavering professionalism despite deadlines and time pressure even more. I would also challenge you to find any editorial team that's nicer, more social or more attentive than The Washington Times' International Desk."


Mandy McClure (2008), staff assistant for Sen. Tom Harkin

"I was a Metro reporter for The Washington Times during the summer of 2008. As one of two interns I was able to write stories about events that interested me, and was given the opportunity to be an independent reporter. My editor, Joe Weber, allowed me to pitch ideas, work on stories with other reporters, and published many of my articles. TWT opened a lot of doors for me as a job seeker in Washington, D.C. I moved back to Washington after I finished school and now work as a staff assistant for Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA). I know that my time at TWT has helped me immensely and I owe a lot to those skills I learned as a summer intern. My experience at TWT taught me a lot about journalism, making connections, and Washington, D.C."


Judie Jolma (2003)

"Interns at The Washington Times work! I completed my eight-month internship in 2003 with a full portfolio of clips and a whole new set of journalistic skills. "The editors did so much more for my journalism career than give me bylines. They each took a sincere interest in teaching me to hone the craft. The same is true of the reporters and even the Photo Department. The Washington Times employs many richly talented journalists who taught me more than they realize. "An internship at The Washington Times is the closest an intern can get to being a working journalist. It is fast-paced, lots of fun and lots of work."


Brandon Leonard (2007), staff writer at Hometown News

"In a couple of sentences, how did the TWT internship help me? "I can't possibly include all the ways I benefited from my internship at The Washington Times. It paved the way for my first jobs in the industry after college and gave my future editors confidence in my ability to handle any assignment.

"My writing and ability to see something's newsworthiness improved dramatically. And I experienced how a metro newspaper works.

"All in all, interning with The Washington Times was one of the best decisions I made as an undergrad. I would do it all over again if I could."