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Exhibit: The Exceptional Everyday In partnering with the Norwegian embassy, the Corcoran hoped to open American eyes to the ingenuity and playfulness of 10 of Norway's best industrial designers. The standout piece in the exhibit is Kristine Bjaadal's "Underfull Tablecloth," which appears at first to be just a normal tablecloth. But when a glass of red wine is spilled over the fabric--as sometimes happens!--something odd happens: Instead of seeing a giant stain spread across the cloth, scores of butterflies made of highly absorbant fabric appear, while the rest of the tablecloth remains white. Bjaadal has said that she designs products that can turn a "negative situation into something positive and beautiful,Ó and it is this theme that infuses The Exceptional Everyday. To Jan. 22 at the Corcoran, 500 17th St. NW. Phone: (202) 639-1700. Web:

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