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Play: Imaging Madoff A better name for Deb Margolin's play about Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff would be "To Hell and Back." Originally slated to run last theater season, Margolin hit a roadblock when she sent her script to author and Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel, who Margolin had made into a character opposite Madoff. Wiesel found the play so offensive that he pressured Theater J to drop the show. They did, and Margolin headed back to her workshop, where she replaced Wiesel with Solomon Galkin, a Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor, just like Wiesel, except fictional. The amount of wrangling that went into getting Margolin's play from the page to the stage--not to mention a feature appearance by character actor Mike Nussbaum--will make this one worth it. To Sept. 25 at Theater J, 1529 16th St NW. Phone: 202-518-9400. Web: dcjcc.org.

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