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“We will do anything that the campaign asks us to,” says Mitt Romney’s eldest son Tagg (second from left) of the upcoming presidential campain. Tagg Romey was with his brothers (from left) Matt, Craig, Ben and Josh, and mother, Ann, after his father won the New Hampshire primary in January. “This is a week where we’re telling the story about who my dad is and what he believes in,” Tagg says. (Associated Press)

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LeBron James' 'I can't breathe' T-shirt the latest display of politics on the playing field

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James on Monday night during pregame warmups wore an “I can’t breathe” T-shirt, referring to Eric Garner, who died after a New York police officer placed him in a chokehold during an arrest for selling loose cigarettes. The shirt, one of several featuring the slogan that have been seen around the league in recent days after a grand jury declined to indict the officer last week, is just one in a long history of political statements made by athletes on the playing field. Here are some others.