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In this Dec. 23, 2007 file photo, U.S. army soldiers from Blackfoot Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, run to take defensive positions during a firefight on the outskirts of Muqdadiyah, in the volatile Diyala province, about 90 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad. In the beginning, it all looked simple: topple Saddam Hussein, destroy his purported weapons of mass destruction and lay the foundation for a pro-Western government in the heart of the Arab world. Nearly 4,500 American and more than 100,000 Iraqi lives later, the objective now is simply to get out _ and leave behind a country where democracy has at least a chance, where Iran does not dominate and where conditions may not be good but "good enough." (AP Photo/Marko Drobnjakovic, File)

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