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ble TV? Well here’s an exclusive offer for folks like you who can’t get daily home delivery of  The Washington Times – the hardest-hitting and most honest newspaper in America . . . subscribe today and you’ll save a whopping 67% off the cover price!

The Washington TimesNATIONAL WEEKLY is the Best of The Washington Times, put together under the toughest of deadlines every week, and rushed to the many people hungry for news who happen to live ‘Outside the Beltway’.  

It’s not an email or a newsletter.  It’s a 40-page newspaper that you can hold in your hands delivered straight to your mailing address – and the coziest corner of your home -- every week.

NATIONAL WEEKLY subscribers have learned about The Washington Times’ old-fashioned commitment to the truth. They know that Times editors and writers aren't afraid to look under every political rock. So it’s hardly surprising that Times reporters are respected and feared by the Washington Establishment. 

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And our ‘Outside the Beltway’ friends tell us they read things first in The Times that the rest of the media only discovers later on, if ever. And they've discovered that the NATIONAL WEEKLY has everything they're missing in their local paper . . .

* Investigative reporter Jerry Seper won awards for his Whitewater coverage in 1994. Now, as Investigative Editor, Jerry supervises a team that breaks stories you can read nowhere else.

 * The Inside the Beltway column dishes up all the Washington rumors and overlooked stories that may turn into headlines next week.

* The Inside the Ring section monitors every significant rumbling inside the Pentagon --especially the ones not on the radar screen of the Mainstream Media. It's written by Washington Times Geopolitics Editor Bill Gertz, a TV News mainstay and the #1 reporter on defense in America.  

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* The Commentary section is a hard-hitting, must-read cornucopia of opinion. Instead of one or two columns, the NATIONAL WEEKLY delivers 9 to 12. Instead of recycling the same authors, their commentary articles are written by dozens of writers straight from a Who's Who of opinion leaders.

* Instead of a single editorial, the NATIONAL WEEKLY offers several by seasoned writers who have worked the issues both inside and outside the government.

* And a whole page of the best and most pointed letters from our observant readers who still believe Washington works for them.

So if you crave the straight shooter reporting, commentaries, and one-of-a-kind features of The Washington Times . . . but live too far to get it delivered to your home every day . . .

Subscribe now to The Washington Times NATIONAL WEEKLY . . . AND SAVE 67% off the cover price!  

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