- The Washington Times - Tuesday, March 7, 2000

The title of your Feb. 25 editorial, "Intelligence alert," should have been "Intelligence? Alert!" We are, after all, speaking of the Clinton administration. This administration has shown a woeful absence of moral and cognitive intelligence, unless it concerned discovering how close it is to being exposed as frauds. It is alert only to the presence of the nearest camera toward which they can preen and portray themselves as compassionate, loving and patriotic. Until the camera turns away and we are left with the wreckage and havoc wrought by their deeds.

John Deutch's apology is as self-serving as the rest we've heard from this administration. We now have a culture in which the expression of remorse and regret are assumed sufficient to garner the admiration and mercy usually reserved for genuine repentance and reformation.


Mechanicsville, Va.



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