- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 8, 2000


The presidential election remained too close to call in Florida, where ballot tallies showed about a 600-vote margin between George W. Bush and Al Gore, according to state election officials.

Mr. Bush, the Republican nominee, had been declared the winner after preliminary results in Florida showed him with a firm lead over the Democratic vice president.

Mr. Gore, who had conceded the contest to Mr. Bush in a telephone call, rescinded his concession early Wednesday as results in Florida showed him gaining on the Texas governor.

In Nashville, Tenn., Mr. Gore was expected to address a crowd with a concession speech. But the vice president delayed his appearance to revise his speech as supporters stood in a drizzle.

Tuesday night, Mr. Gore had been declared the winner in Florida, whose 25 electoral votes hold the balance of one of the closest presidential elections in years.

At 4 a.m. EST, Mr. Gore and 249 electoral votes, and Mr. Bush 271 — including Florida's. Absentee ballots, mostly from military personnel serving overseas, remained to be counted.

Florida election officials said an automatic recall would be conducted if the difference between the tallies is less than 1,000 votes.



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