- The Washington Times - Saturday, June 23, 2001

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is right to acknowledge that statehood for Puerto Rico may be only a matter of time. However, the United States needs to invite more than just Puerto Rico into the Union (“Puerto Rico, 51st state?” Op-Ed, June 21).

There are, as Mr. Kuhner states, disagreements in the conservative camp as to whether incorporating a Spanish-language state into the United States is such a good idea. Presumably, there is fear of a clash of cultures between Anglos and Latinos.

President Bush and President Clinton and many other leading figures in the nation during the past decade are Southerners. This matters a great deal. It seems as if most Southerners think that social conservatism is more important than cultural conservatism. This ultimately could lead to the abandonment of the English language in the South and West because of unchecked immigration. Northerners still tend to think of America as a city upon a hill, and thus as an English-only country. Behind the seemingly innocent question of statehood for Puerto Rico, a cultural civil war is looming, and the South is winning.

The present situation cannot last. Historically and geopolitically, it was a great mistake not to take in Cuba as a state. Why repeat the mistake with Puerto Rico?

The battle for Anglo America is lost. The South shall rise again, Version Bush 2.0.


Holeby, Denmark



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