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The following is a list of 32 American citizens killed since Israeli-Palestinian fighting broke out on Sept. 28, 2000. Most died in Palestinian attacks or in combat as soldiers in the Israeli military. One was a Palestinian American.

•Hillel Lieberman, 37, a rabbi born in the New York City borough of Brooklyn who taught at a seminary at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, was found slain in a West Bank cave on Oct. 8, 2000.

•Esh Kodesh Gilmore, 25, son of American immigrants, was shot dead on Oct. 30, 2000, while on duty as a security guard in Jerusalem.

•Gavriel Biton, a teacher, was killed in a roadside bomb attack on a school bus near a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip on Nov. 20, 2000.

•Binyamin Kahane, the American-born militant settler son of the assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane. He was slain with his wife, Talia, in a roadside ambush on Dec. 31, 2000. Talia Kahane, born in New York City, immigrated to Israel as a child.

•Koby Mandell, 13, from College Park, Md., was bludgeoned to death with a friend while hiking near their homes in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Tekoa on May 8, 2001.

•Sara Blaustein, 53, from Lawrence, N.Y., moved to Israel in August 2000, just before fighting began. She died in a roadside shooting on May 29, 2001.

•Yehuda Shoham, 5 months old, died June 11, 2001, six days after a stone was thrown at his family's car, striking him in the head and knocking him unconscious.

•Judith Greenbaum, 31, a schoolteacher from Passaic, N.J., died in a suicide bombing at a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem on Aug. 9, 2001.

•Malka Roth, 15, daughter of immigrants from New York, died in the Sbarro pizzeria bombing.

•Shoshana Ben-Yishai, 16, born in New York, was killed in a shooting attack on a bus in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem on Nov. 4, 2001.

•Avi Boaz, a 71-year-old Brooklyn-born architect, was shot dead by Palestinian militiamen on Jan. 15.

•Aharon Ben-Israel Ellis, 32, a member of a community of black Hebrew Israelites from Chicago, was shot dead by a Palestinian while singing at a bar mitzvah in the town of Hadera on Jan. 17.

•Moranne Amit, 25, a law student, was stabbed to death by four Palestinian teenagers on a promenade in Jerusalem on Feb. 8.

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