- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 5, 2003

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Police have arrested a Villanova University history professor and charged her yesterday with murder in the fatal throat-slitting of her 6-month-old daughter.

The girl, Raya Donagi, was found bleeding and unconscious Monday after her grandmother called 911 about 9 a.m.

Relatives told police that the girl’s mother, Mine An Ener, “had inflicted the fatal injuries to the infant,” police Sgt. Janet Dunnom said. Police said she told them she laid the baby on her back and then leaned over, pressing the 12-inch knife’s blade twice across Raya’s throat.

“I killed my baby with a knife,” authorities said Miss Ener, 38, told medics when they arrived.

Police said Miss Ener sat with her hands crossed in front of her chest, her mother holding her from behind as the medics tried to revive the child, who was pronounced dead at the grandmother’s St. Paul home.

Miss Ener, a professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, had recently returned to Minnesota with her daughter to be with family as she struggled with postpartum depression, police and relatives said.

The child was born with Down syndrome and at one point needed to be fed through a tube. She told police she wanted to give the baby relief.

“She felt the baby was suffering,” said police Sgt. Bruce Wynkoop.

Miss Ener, who grew up in St. Paul, was a graduate of St. Paul Central High School and went on to St. Paul’s Macalester College. After earning her doctoral degree at the University of Michigan, Miss Ener started at Villanova in 1996. She worked in the university’s Center for Arab and Islamic Studies.



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