- The Washington Times - Saturday, December 25, 2004

Nancy Salvato suggestions in “Education outside the box” (Dec. 12) need to include Automated Assisted Learning (AAL).

AAL using video game platforms with education courses on DVDs and other media could provide even more flexibility for student centered learning (SCL) and homework. These interactive video platforms score players on how well they learn to do tasks. This approach would help students to be promoted to the next academic level at their own rate, not as predetermined by a calendar or grade level. Moreover, since automated grading is inherent in AAL, it would relieve teachers of that task and provide consistency in rating student performance. This would allow teachers more time to identify slow learners earlier so they can help before the youngsters get discouraged.

Because there are about 100 million videogame platforms in homes in North America and not in schools, parents can be more involved with the learning process for their children to meet high-school graduation requirements. This can avoid today’s conventional high-stakes testing.


Calverton, Md.



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