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The current energy bill is a disappointing, pale shadow of the original Senate bill, which, though full of pork, did have important infrastructure provisions that failed to be preserved. This economy is driven by electricity, and the two biggest sources are coal and nuclear power. Decades of subsidies, grants and other giveaways have not made alternative energy sources very attractive, and even windmills cannot compete with coal or nuclear power. We need to wake up to that fact and move to support the next generation of these major domestic sources.

While the current bill provides some help for “clean coal,” it does little to promote new construction. Worse, the loan guarantees that were to jump-start the next generation of safe, more economical nuclear plants are gone. The United States cannot bet its future on the status quo or on future technologies that may or may not work. We need an energy bill that promotes a healthy economy, and this is not it.



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