- The Washington Times - Monday, March 1, 2004

Fancy footwork

Well, the 2004 campaign is going to be about somebody, apparently.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe had this exchange yesterday:

“The very respected National Journal came out with its vote ratings for the year 2003 and it found that John Kerry was the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate,” Mr. Wallace pointed out. “In fact, it found that on economic policy issues, he had a perfect liberal voting record. Fair to say that John Kerry is a liberal?”

“Well, this campaign is not going to be about different types of liberal, conservative. I don’t want this campaign to be fought about labels,” Mr. McAuliffe replied, explaining the election was “going to be about George Bush.”

Mr. Wallace persisted, however.

“But, Mr. McAuliffe, what about this question about the fact that he has this liberal voting record?” he asked.

“Chris, this is what the campaign’s going to be about,” Mr. McAuliffe replied. “If John Kerry is the nominee, this is what the campaign will be all about.”

Flagging interest

The campaign could also be about gaffes.

Some 400 members of the 3-week-old, North Carolina-based Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry staged a protest march Saturday at the Massachusetts Democrat’s office in Manhattan, they noted in an e-mail to The Washington Times yesterday.

The sharp-eyed vets noted Mr. Kerry was displaying the American flag backwards in the office window.

“A candidate who claims he ‘knows something about aircraft carriers for real’ never learned proper flag etiquette and has the flag displayed vertically with the blue field on the right, the wrong side. But then again, John Kerry has picked the wrong side before,” they observed.

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