- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 7, 2005

Quick-draw PFAW

ABC News’ “This Week” dipped into its archives yesterday to broadcast an interview with Judge John G. Roberts Jr. that originally aired July 2, 2000.

Among other things, Judge Roberts noted that court rulings that struck down limits on abortion, continued strict church-state separation and upheld the Miranda decision made “a compelling case that we do not have a very conservative Supreme Court.”

When asked whether the “conservative counterrevolution” on the court was over, Judge Roberts said, “I think a lot will depend on new appointments and the types of cases that do come before the court.”

The old footage of the man whom President Bush nominated to the Supreme Court last month vexed Ralph G. Neas, People for the American Way president.

“It is clearer than ever that the confirmation of John Roberts would mean replacing Sandra Day O’Connor with someone who has viewed her as an impediment to the ultraconservative legal movement he helped lead as a political appointee during the Reagan and first Bush administrations,” Mr. Neas said yesterday.

“Roberts’ careful way with words cannot be allowed to mask the truth about his approach to the Constitution,” he concluded.

Are ya listening?

The Oregonian’s David Reinhard had advice for Air America listeners yesterday, no doubt scandalized, he writes, by the “Enronesque” revelations that the liberal talk-radio network received a six-figure startup loan from a New York charity that was supposed to provide services for needy youngsters.

“Leftist listeners need to really showcase that storied compassion of theirs. Yes, how about a radio-thon to raise funds for kids and Alzheimer’s patients across this broad land? Lefty listeners could, well, ‘Give piece of change.’”

“Better yet, progressive forces should do what they do best — hold a rock concert. Al Franken probably could put the finger on some major talent. It’s hard to imagine that the Dixie Chicks, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand wouldn’t want to participate in a Live Air America Aid concert. The guess here is that even stars who said they would leave the United States if Bush were elected or re-elected would return home to help the victims of this hideous corporate scandal.”

CNN’s new situation

Video walls, multiple plasma screens, “transparent news” — is it NASA control? No, it’s CNN, which showcases it all on the inaugural broadcast of “The Situation Room,” which debuts this afternoon.

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