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Natal, 40, spent four seasons as the Nationals’ bullpen coach and catching instructor. Voigt, 39, spent one year with the organization as an on-field instructor before games and as a scout from the press box during games. The club has decided to eliminate his position.

Robinson said he fought to retain every member of his staff but accepted Bowden’s authority to make the final decision.

“I thought they did a tremendous job for me. They were good baseball people, and they were hard-working,” Robinson said. “I guess after what happened during the second half of the season, somebody had to take the blame. I thought that was very unfair for them to have to take the hit for the way the ballclub finished.”

Bowden said he — in conjunction with Robinson — immediately will begin the search to fill the four coaching vacancies. He would not reveal the names of any candidates, but a club source said it’s unlikely anyone will be promoted from within the organization.

“I’d like to say that I can pick my own staff, but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible,” Robinson said. “The main thing is to get people in here that are good baseball people, that are good teachers and that will be able to get along with players and get their point across.”