- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 2, 2005


Any time you deal with a company that is a leading supplier of military ammunition, ammunition-related products and an operator of two U.S. Army ammunition manufacturing plants, you can rest assured that when this company decides to enter the regular consumer market with cleansers and lubricants for sporting guns, they’ll more than do the job.

If you haven’t heard of it before, remember the name Gunslick. It will be synonymous with the special needs of hunters and shooters. From its Ultra-Lube, which is a high-tech gun oil, to a foaming bore cleaner, Gunslick’s products simplify all gun care.

I’ve been working with a special 12-gauge shotgun care kit that includes one bottle each of Ultra-Lube and Ultra-Kleenz, as well as an ample supply of cotton patches, a cleaning rod and three cleaning attachments. Already, the lubricant has managed to remove the heretofore sticking, stubborn slide action of a new goose gun that I hope my better half doesn’t know I bought, and the cleaner has brightened the barrels of my over/under 12-gauge dove gun.

We’ve learned that in a series of tests conducted at Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, Inc, in Lafayette, N.J., Gunslick Ultra-Lube, Gun-Foam, Gun-Seal and Gun-Flush all finished at the top of their respective groups.

The Gunslick people offer a money-back guarantee for all their products. In addition, now through the end of November, Gunslick is holding special Gun Care Days. During the promotion, consumers receive a free gun barrel cleaning from the staff of the store when they purchase a box of Federal Premium shells. Of course, the store you visit must be a Gunslick dealer.

For the entire line of products or to find a dealer near you, visit gunslick.com.

Gene Mueller



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