- The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Police asked for new cannonball

ANCHORAGE — Yale Metzger wants the Anchorage Police Department to replace his cannonball.

Mr. Metzger said he called police last week to have them examine the cannonball he found in eastern Alaska last summer while excavating property he had purchased. Instead, he said, the bomb squad showed up at his Anchorage home with a remote-controlled robot, hauled away the cast-iron ball and blew it up.

The police said Mr. Metzger was unwise to carry the incendiary device in his truck before hauling it to downtown Anchorage where, they said, it could have sent shrapnel flying for blocks had it exploded.

“Could it have exploded?” Mr. Metzger said. “Sure. So could a meteor fall out of the sky and hit your truck.”


Navajos seek control of schools

PHOENIX — Navajo Nation leaders are trying to take control of their classrooms from the state. Schools on the reservation are overseen by the Arizona, Utah and New Mexico departments of education and the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Navajo leaders want to create their own department of education and to institute standards that would be better suited for Navajo students.


Snake antidote rushed to boy

BOCA RATON — A Florida Highway Patrol officer covered 60 miles in 49 minutes to bring life-saving serum for a 10-year-old boy bitten by a pygmy rattlesnake, a report said.

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