- The Washington Times - Friday, April 28, 2006

… Or my Dell notebook, my Mac mini, my MacBook Pro, my desktop iMac (new style, please) or who-knows-what else. There’s an outfit called Color-Ware Inc. in Winona, Minnesota, also known as the home of St. Mary’s Press and its Bible Bus.

But I digress. Color-Ware, Inc.’ll slap a coat of Ferrari Red or Jet Black or any of 18 other colors on, say, your MacBook Pro for the amazing low price of $449. Want to colorize a matching (wired) mouse? Can do, only $20 extra. Want a color they don’t have? Add $99 and they’ll blend it for you.

I haven’t seen one of the models yet (a hat tip to The Unofficial Apple Weblog for alerting me to the service), but the photos on the Color-Ware site are all-but-breathtaking. The firm also works on Dell machines with equal aplomb, or so it would seem.

Tricking out one’s computer may seem a genuine extravagance, but seeing some of Color-Ware’s work, even photographically, is enough to lead one to dream, if only a little.



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