- The Washington Times - Sunday, April 9, 2006


People don’t believe Ray and Shari Lewis when they give out their north-central Phoenix address, so they have to repeat the name of the street they live on and spell it nearly every day.

Why Worry Lane.

No kidding, they tell bankers, mechanics, dry cleaners and school officials.

“Everybody you talk to, they say: ‘Gee, I never heard that name before. Must be fun not having to worry,’” said longtime Why Worry resident Bruce Kinkner.

There was a time when people came to the Valley to relax, when asthma sufferers flocked to the desert air, when brittle winters persuaded those east of the Missouri River to relocate to the Southwest. Today, the name of one of the streets in an early development, Why Worry Lane, speaks of another time, of an era when people came here to relax.

It’s the same era that produced a desert oasis called Carefree, with amusing names like Easy Street and the intersection of Ho and Hum roads.

There is little history recorded about Why Worry Lane, and why exactly the street was named that is subject to supposition by those who live here.



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