- The Washington Times - Friday, August 11, 2006


Veteran Todd Collins gets the first chance to make a serious statement in the competition to back up starting quarterback Mark Brunell. Coach Joe Gibbs said yesterday that Collins, who spent the past five years in associate head coach-offense Al Saunders’ system in Kansas City, will relieve Brunell in the first half of Sunday’s preseason opener at Cincinnati. Second-year man Jason Campbell will follow. Gibbs said Collins will go before Campbell because Campbell got the first work in last Saturday’s scrimmage against Baltimore.


It seems like tight end Chris Cooley is jealous about all the attention running back Clinton Portis received for his various disguises — Coach Janky Spanky, Jerome From Southeast et al — on Thursdays last season.

Cooley has taken to wearing outfits in practice that can’t be missed. On Tuesday, he wore a billowing black undershirt, black shorts and long black socks that made him look like an unfortunate European tourist. Cooley might have topped that look with yesterday’s long, baggy gray shorts over bright yellow socks.

Not to be outdone yesterday, Portis wore shorts so loose that they kept falling down to his knees as he ran, exposing his black undergarment to the fans.


Receiver Taylor Jacobs might be out with an injured groin, but he didn’t just watch his teammates . At one point, Jacobs was doing pushups to the side of the huddle as his teammates ran plays.


Offensive line coach Joe Bugel is raving again about left guard Derrick Dockery, who lost weight during the offseason.

“Losing those 25 pounds, he’s got his balance, he’s not on the ground and he runs a lot quicker,” he said. “It was a blessing in disguise. He worked out in Atlanta with some different things and got himself into tip-top shape. He’s the real deal right now.”

Dockery took boxing lessons to improve his technique and Bugel has noticed the difference.

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