- The Washington Times - Friday, December 1, 2006

…or so says Dan Goodin in his online blog at Wired magazine’s Web site:

Just ask executives at Vemics, a River Edge, NJ-based provider of video conferencing and data services. Since March, it has been the subject of more emails than they can count, and each wave draws a rash of calls to the company from outraged recipients who want to know why their inboxes are littered with spam claiming Vemics is the next big thing.

“We have no clue who is doing this, and we have tried to figure it out,” says Craig Stout, the company’s chief operating officer. “We just hit a dead end at every turn.”

Mr. Goodin has done a very fine job of highlighting a fact about spam: more people than just the recipient can be victimized. Pump-and-dump stock deals hurt real companies on their way up, too.

Yet more reason for someone to come up with a solution, I would imagine.



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