- The Washington Times - Saturday, December 16, 2006


Washington Capitals defenseman Jamie Heward sat in a physician’s office on Dec. 1, waiting for more treatment on the deep three-inch gash extending from his nose across the left side of his face. Suddenly his cell phone went off.

“Jamie? This is Mike, Mike Modano from Dallas. I just heard what happened and I wanted to apologize and see how you were doing,” Heward recalled.

“He called to say he was sorry but there was nothing to apologize for,” Heward said. “It was an accident. Him calling, it was a friendly gesture among guys who play in the league. It’s a respect thing.”

Modano’s skate accidentally sliced Heward’s face open when the two came in close contact during the Caps-Stars game Nov. 30. Heward underwent a five-hour surgery to repair the damage — mainly to his nasal passages — and returned to action last night wearing a full facial mask.

“It’s a different world off the ice,” Heward said. “You can play real hard for 60 minutes then go to dinner with a guy from the other team who you knew from someplace else. This is a job for them and for us. They got families and careers, too, so you don’t want to jeopardize anybody’s living.

“Anyway, it was a nice gesture by Mike. He’s always been a class guy.”

Dave Fay



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