- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Josh Wilson’s summer internship at Morgan Stanley included plenty of insight into the financial world, though there were a few non-business lessons as well.

Sure, the Maryland cornerback was busy with various tasks, from merging three rolodexes into one to making phone calls to ordering lunch.

Yet he received plenty of reminders of how much other people valued his position as a college football player and their desire to see Maryland, which meets Purdue in the Dec. 29 Champs Sports Bowl, snap a two-year postseason drought.

“Every day, I got questions of ‘What are you guys doing?’ and I got to see these people really care. These people are really feeling down,” Wilson said. “I remember a couple guys were like ‘Just make it to a bowl, man.’ ”

On another occasion, Wilson and some other interns went to get something to eat, and his colleagues decided to announce they were walking around with a Maryland football player.

“This one lady went crazy,” Wilson said. “She had a tattoo of terrapin on her stomach and showed it to me, and I’m like ‘Heyyy!’ She said, ‘My family takes our family vacation every year wherever you go to a bowl or for the basketball team.’ I’m like ‘Your family vacation?’ It’s a big deal. It gave me a sense that people are really watching us and really want us to do good.”

Patrick Stevens



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