- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bob Dylan has become downright reactionary as a songwriter — that much we know. In recent interviews, Dylan has bemoaned the state of popular music and, more particularly, the inferiority of modern recording technology.

A new book by Wabash College professor Stephen Webb might provide a clue as to exactly why Dylan feels this way. Namely: Bob Dylan is openly, and yet secretly — because we refuse to accept the man at his own words — a Christian conservative!

Here’s a report on the book in the Crawfordsville, In., paper Journal Review. Money quote from Webb:

“Even to this day I’ll read reviews or books or articles about him, and they’ll acknowledge he sounds like a conservative. But they’ll say, ‘Well, he couldn’t have really meant that,’ ” he says. “It’s this condescending, disdainful attitude about Dylan. It’s like people have so firmly put him in this category as a lefty, that they’re blinded to what he actually says about himself. That kind of contradiction between the image of Dylan as a man of the left and his reality just seems so glaring to me.”



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