- The Washington Times - Monday, December 4, 2006

• Is this early December or late August? At kickoff, the upper deck looked like it did during the Redskins’ preseason finale against Baltimore — rows of empty red seats. It didn’t change much throughout the game.

• The game was as close as Michael Vick gets to a home game on the road. The Falcons quarterback grew up in Newport News, Va., about a three-hour drive from the stadium, and attended Virginia Tech, about four hours from his hometown. Vick bought 37 tickets for the game.

• Time for a Tom Cruise update. Tommy and Katie weren’t at the game — they have stayed away since the Week 1 debacle against the Vikings — but a quick Google search found the new couple has a new problem: The mansion they recently purchased in Britain is uninhabitable … because it stinks of sewage. No, really.

Their new neighbors, according to Britain’s Daily Star, caused the smell by emptying their garden drains. “The smell is absolutely putrid,” one neighbor said. “If Tom moves in before the work is completed, it won’t be smelling very pretty. I don’t think Katie will be happy.”

— Ryan O’Halloran



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