- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Brandon Lloyd, following two meetings with coach Joe Gibbs, was unapologetic about his helmet-tossing incident Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

But Lloyd said earlier today he will play Sunday against Philadelphia.

During a six-minute interview with reporters in front of his locker, Lloyd proved he is a semi stand-up guy but he probably didn’t endear himself to the franchise with some of comments.

You can read my story on the Lloyd situation in Thursday’s Times. But I have to relay this one quote.

Lloyd said: “I have an attitude that is really good for a winning team.”

Lloyd has never been on a winning team since coming to the NFL. His teams have a combined record of 17-43, including a woeful 10-31 as a starter. How does he know what it’s like to be on a winning team? Plus, does this mean his attitude is not great if the team is losing?

Several veterans shook their hands when I repeated his quote.

Lloyd also gave the impression that his meetings with Gibbs were only about the helmet-tossing penalty. I have a hard time believing that. One player told me Lloyd tends to throw temper tantrums. Obviously, Gibbs got wind of some unprofessional behavior and called Lloyd to the carpet.



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