- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 5, 2006

From White House press briefing with press secretary Joe Lockhart, Nov. 12, 1998:

Reporter: Joe, Senator [Arlen] Specter has written [President Clinton] a letter which he’s made public, asking for the president to convene a special session of Congress so they can authorize any military action [against Iraq] if it be needed. He also seems to say that he thinks that he would get the approval if the president is considering calling Congress in.

Mr. Lockhart: Well, we have been consulting with congressional leaders throughout the year actually on the situation in Iraq. We continue the consultation. It’s very important for the president and his team to stay in close contact. We believe the president, with his duties as commander in chief, has the authority to do this, and particularly given the resolution in the wake of the Gulf War. But we will continue to work closely and consult with Congress.



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