- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 5, 2006

An article in Editor and Publisher last week compiled death-toll estimates from news services including the Associated Press and Knight Ridder that cast doubt on a report in The Washington Post that the violence in Iraq after the Feb. 22 bombing of the Golden Mosque caused more than 1,300 deaths. The Post also quoted other government officials (including an Interior Ministry official named Ali Shamarri that Knight Ridder was, according to an Editor and Publisher article published on Saturday, unable to locate) who also put the toll at more than 1,000.

According to Editor and Publisher, Knight Ridder’s Washington editor sent a memo to his editors noting that “when our correspondent examined the books at the morgue, he could find only about 250 bodies logged in as killed in the violence.” The Iraqi cabinet said 379 people were killed in the sectarian violence.



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