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“There are some people who need this kind of thing to sort of start them on their faith journey. I don’t,” she said. “That’s why I don’t mind parting with it.”



Man rescued after jumping off boat

The Maryland Natural Resources Police rescued a man who jumped off his boat near Thomas Point Lighthouse to relieve himself Wednesday night and was swept away by a current.

Police said the man had a few drinks and needed to go to the bathroom. He decided to throw on a life jacket and jump overboard into the water. It was choppy, however, and the current swept him away.

The boat operator called police after losing sight of his friend.

Police rescued the man about 45 minutes after he jumped in.

He was not injured and was not identified.

No charges were filed.


Hard plane landing injures grandmother

A small plane crashed during takeoff yesterday morning at the St. Mary’s County Airport, injuring one person.

St. Mary’s County government spokeswoman Delores Lacey said a 19-year-old man ran for help after the plane that he, his father and grandmother were aboard crashed shortly before 8 a.m.

Miss Lacey said the plane crashed in a wooded area just beyond the runway and caught fire. It was not clear what caused the crash.

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